everything is temporary EP

by Abby Startek

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this is my first EP. it is not perfect. it was made in my basement with only myself and my ukulele. all lyrics and chords are produced myself (besides the lyrics to the i watch the sun cover. the EP is free and will stay free. please enjoy every song on it.


released November 8, 2015



all rights reserved


Abby Startek Hamilton, Ontario

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Track Name: all nighter
sleep deprived but still alive
bloodshot eyes and dirty lies
staying up with you
was the best thing i could ever do

verse one:
fighting to stay awake for one more minute
trying not you fall but you do when your eyes shut
you do it all for me 'cause you know i cant take it
the million conversations that we had before daybreak


verse two:
we would talk about everything high on the rooftop
the situations got heavy, suddenly the talking stopped
you didnt come to my house for 3 full months
when you came back to me and you told me up front


cant we just stay awake?
cant we just stay awake?
please dont go away
cant we just stay awake?

Track Name: angel
verse one:
i cant help but think of you before i sleep
like about the time it was you and me
my brain got in the way
and now nothing feels the same

do you think of me?
what do you think of me?
do you hate me?
do you wish you did?
but please, dont call me angel (x2)

verse two:
i cant be left with my own mind
i overthink and push you aside
i miss the thought of us
please come pick the pieces up
of what is left of us

Track Name: hi / hospital
verse one:
i hope you're alright
i pray you're just fine
i've given you my love
and i hope that you still shine

i love you so
just like i wrote
in the email
i sent to you
hope you feel better soon
out of the operation room
right now
i pray for you

verse two:
i just wanted you to know
i dont just love you for show
ive given you my love
and i know that you'll still glow

Track Name: i watch the sun (alexa san roman cover)
i watch the sun sitting quiet in the backseat
she's like the sun always coming and then leaving
i feel like the moon sitting quiet in the darkness
she'll be here soon said nobody being honest

i watch the sun even though i'll never have her
i let her run even knowing what could happen
cause i am the moon and people at night need to see things too
but i'm far removed wondering if the sun needs the moon too

i watch the sun even though i'll never have her
the only one that ill ever be after
i watch the sun i wanna show her what she's missing
but all the stars shine much brighter when she's dimming

but don't cry moon
you'll get to catch a glimpse of her soon
a glimpse? that's it?
that's not enough to satisfy this
i watch the sun i try to reach and grab her
shes on the run and nobody can have her

so, said the moon
if anybody knows what i've been through
lift your head and cry with me too
and every dog howled at the moon

cause all they wanted was to give love
and what the got it was never enough (x2)
all i wanted was to give love
and what i got

i watch the sun even though she'll never notice
she's on the run i need to keep my focus
i've got a light on
its not as bright but
i try to shine on
i try to shine on